I appreciate healthy foods and drinks. I really do. But sometimes, you just crave a bottle of soda. Or in my case, ten bottles of Jarritos. Jarritos, for the uninitiatedis a popular soft drink from Mexico known for its wide variety of fruity flavors. I grew up on this drink as a kid, but had a hard time accessing it during my first quarter in college.

Back home, however, they're everywhere. The temptation was too much. I went to the store and bought every single flavor available on the shelf.

The cashier gave me weird looks as she scanned every bottle. I didn't care. I went straight home and had this sight before me. Some of these flavors, like jamaica hibiscusmango and guava, were uncharted territory for me; the others were familiar to my flavor palette. One by one, each bottle was uncapped and taste tests commenced. Almost every flavor had positives and negatives, and a rating from was given to each of these flavors. The Positives: The initial taste of the hibiscus flavored bottle is extremely sweet and pleasing, even for someone who may not usually enjoy hibiscus.

It's definitely an acquired taste, which I don't have as of now. Jamaica is interesting, to say the least. There could be some improvement, but a lot of potential exists for this drink to be revisited later on.

The Positives: The drink has the right amount of sweetness that isn't too obvious while drinking. The aftertaste, while faint, is enough to throw you off of this flavor because it lingers for a while and is still very syrupy. Mango is an extreme disappointment. I was expecting a strong eight, but the drink fell very short. I downed this bottle without realizing it because it's that good. Despite the extra fizziness, mandarin is a killer flavor that I recommend to any first-time drinkers.

The pineapple flavoring isn't too "in your face," which provides for a smooth drinking experience.Fact: Doritos are the greatest mass-produced snacks in the world.

They make everything better, from Christmas to Taco Bell. They are, and will always be, the perfect snack chip: crunchy, salty, flavor-packed, and, as all great things should be, slightly dangerous due to their combination of jaggedness and binge-edibility.

As a lifelong devotee, taking on the extremely biased task of ranking every flavor of Doritos was particularly daunting. But it was with science and humanitarianism on my mind that I grabbed every available flavor -- RIP Chester's Cheese and Tijuana Girl Scout -- and, in one mighty session, tasted them all.

Here's how they stacked up. These things are nearly flavorless, which is fine and all, but if somebody offers me white Cheddar, I expect to taste it. With each bite, I wonder whether I bought a faulty bag of Doritos that were sprayed by a cheese machine that had run out of powder the night before. But the retro bag's cool It's like the Doritos version of The Truman Show. Also, whoever decided to name the snack mix based around this flavor Taco Explosion totally stole my term for the after-effects of eating at questionable food carts at 3am.

These things, mind you, are great dipped in queso. I found these ones at Costco, and got weirdly excited to buy the pound bag. I would get down with them any day if they were offered. The cheese flavor lands somewhere between a Cheeto and a Goldfish. And I didn't. That might be for the best.

jarritos flavors ranked

The lack of counter-balancing flavors like cheese or citrus means they just kind of taste like powdered spice on tortilla chips. Side note: My wife came into my office from two rooms over right after I opened this bag and asked if I smelled gas.

Not long ago, Doritos dropped a limited-edition bag called Doritos Roulette. It was a normal bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos, but every now and again you'd get a chip that was alarmingly spicy. Anyway, this is a whole bag of those hot chips.

Your enjoyment will depend on whether you like spicy stuff. Me, I'm not a fan. Go ahead and call me an amateur. Love the concept of smashing two flavors together in some sort of ballet of flavor-powder harmony. But this basically mooshes the most aggressive flavor with the most passive.

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So it's a slightly cheesy version of Blaze. But maybe they should have take a cue from the ranch-dipped hot wings and gone a little sigh bolder. Like taco and Tapatio Tacotio! But what if it was nacho cheese and ranch?! Think of the diplomacy!

Either way, I just ate a whole bag of these Collisions, and I don't feel very good about myself.

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Here, the bland cheese of the white Cheddar organic Doritos seems mated to the spice blend of taco. Unlike the white Cheddar organic, the cheese here is front and center, and the not very spicy spice blend kicks it into high gear.

It also makes a strong case for a quesadilla-flavored Dorito variant.

jarritos flavors ranked

Sometimes, it appears, two wrongs do make a right.We all know that we're not really supposed to drink soda anymore. It's full of sugar, artificial colors, and all kinds of other ingredients that no one cares to look up in their free time.

However, there is still something kind of magical about soda.

A Love Letter To Jarritos, My Favorite Fruity Soft Drink

The way it releases that first bit of gas when you open a new can or bottle, the way the bubbles tickle your tongue, and the variety of flavors that are available throughout the world all make soda a pretty great treat. However, there are so many sodas out there, it might be hard to determine which one is the best. Should you get Dr. Pepper or Pibb Xtra? Coke or Pepsi?

Sprite or 7 Up? Well, we here at TheRecipe have done the dirty work of ranking all of the major soda brands out there so you can know when you're getting your money's worth, and when the drink you chose is going to fall flat that's a bit of soda humor there. We've chosen to ignore all the unhealthy aspects of soda in this article, and instead just celebrate it for what it is: a great treat that can be enjoyed in moderation.

Some of the sodas on this list are regional, so if you ever find yourself in the areas where they are sold, you'll know whether to try or deny!

So grab a glass, throw some ice in there if you want, and pick out your favorite soda, because now we bring you 25 sodas ranked from worst to best. RC Cola short for Royal Crown Cola is a regional drink often enjoyed in the south, and there's a reason it never got any more famous than that. The drink leaves much to be desired, and could never dream of competing with Pepsi or Coke. It is often described as having a weak flavor and leaving an unpleasant aftertaste.

While it still holds its place in the world of sodas, it's not going to be winning over any new fans any time soon. What is Mountain Dew supposed to taste like? It might be sweet and citrusy, but that's never really been its main selling point. After all, Sprite and 7 Up tout their lemon-lime flavors as a selling point, but Mountain Dew is a lot more ambiguous. It's overly sweet, and even the color is far too unnatural to be appealing. In recent years it has done its best to appeal to gamers and represent the "extreme" lifestyle, which makes it more insufferable than anything else.

We all know Fresca. It's the drink your grandma has in her fridge at all times, ready for guests.Jarritos is made in fruit flavors and is less carbonated than popular soft drinks. It is made in Mexico. Many Jarritos varieties are naturally flavored.

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The word jarrito means "little jug" in Spanish and refers to the Mexican tradition of drinking water and other drinks in clay pottery jugs.

Produced in Mexico, they are sold throughout the Americas. Jarritos comes in Jarritos broke with Mexican soft drink standards by offering a larger ml bottle with a coffee -flavored drink. Shortly after launching the first Jarritos in Mexico CityFrancisco Hill developed a process to remove tamarind juice extract to create the first tamarind-flavored soft drink in Mexico: Jarritos Tamarindo.

Hill quickly followed with Mandarin, Lemon, and Fruit Punch flavors gaining greater market share and becoming the national soft drink of Mexico. Exports to the United States began in According to the edition of the book Mexico Greatest Brandsbottles of Jarritos are shipped across the border each minute.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Citrus Soda. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jarritos.For those of you unfamiliar with Jarritos, allow me to enlighten you.

It's a popular brand of soft drink from Mexico easily found in grocery stores throughout the United States, beloved for its vibrant flavors and gentle carbonation. The sodas are most commonly sold in To say that Jarritos are one of my favorite beverages would be an understatement — so I gathered a group of friends to taste every flavor I could get my hands on. But before we dive into the flavors, a brief history lesson on the brand :. Every bottle is adorned with an image of three clay pots, aka jarritosor "little jugs.

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For many Mexican-Americans and non Mexican-Americans alikeJarritos are a beloved staple grocery store item. We always had the tamarindo flavor. It was available in both the Mexican grocery stores we shopped at as well as our local Safeway. Although there are currently 15 flavors of Jarritos, some flavors such as manzana, or apple are not as easy to come by in the States.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on 13 of them and tried them in a side-by-side taste test. We assembled a group of five taste-testers — some familiar with the brand, and some not — to try them:.

Then, it was a tradition to leave the beach with a burrito and Jarritos in hand. The grapefruit flavor has always been my favorite, but I'm excited to try the other flavors! That said, I had no idea just how many flavors there were before today! I'm pretty stoked to give them all a try. I'm not usually a fan of colorful fruity sodas, but I'm ready to give them a try! Tasting Highlights: "It tastes like a watermelon Jolly Rancher coating your tongue.

It's not bad, but not my favorite. It would be really nice if it was ice cold. Or even with a splash of booze. Tasting Highlights: "It has a nice scent to it, but the initial taste reminds me far too much of a bad medicine I had when I was a kid.

The flavor is not my style, but it's super refreshing when it's ice cold.

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Tasting Highlights: "This smelled amazing. Almost like flowers — in a really pleasant way.

jarritos flavors ranked

Tasting Highlights: "It smells really good — like classic lime flavoring — and is pretty refreshing when sipped ice cold. It tastes complex, like more than one flavor — a tropical mix — not just mango.

It's super fruity and fragrant. I love pretty much anything that's mango-flavored, so this isn't surprising. Tasting Highlights: "It tastes like a slightly less sweet version of the orange sodas I'm used to. I wouldn't be able to tell you it's Mandarin specifically, versus just a standard orange soda, but I like it. It's nostalgic.

Tasting Highlights: "I like that it's a bit tart. It balances the sweetness nicely and makes it super refreshing. I could see this working really well in cocktails. The flavor is subtle, which I really like. Tasting Highlights: "This was decently refreshing, but a bit too sweet for me.Jarritos started in Mexico init is the first national soft drink brand in Mexico and the leading brand in the mexican soft drink category in the U.

jarritos flavors ranked

Their newest product Mineragua is a mineralized carbonated water with zero calories and no sugar that is available in various flavors. Jarritos is known for its innovative flavors starting from traditional favorites such as Cola to newer creations like Lemon-Lime Lima-Limon and Grapefruit Toronja.

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Jarritos are made with natural fruit flavors and are more carbonated then the traditional soft drinks sold in the U. Jarritos broke the accustomed soft drink standards in Mexico by introducing a large bottle of approximately ml with a coffee flavored beverage.

Shortly after launching the first Jarritos soft drinks in Mexico City, he developed a process in order to remove tamarind juice extract in order to create the first tamarind flavored carbonated drink in Mexico, now popularly known as: Jarritos Tamarindo.

Jarritos Mexican Soda Pops

He went on to implement this process with other fruits, which lead to the creation of the beloved flavors: Mandarin, Lemon and Fruit Punch. The Jarritos brand is currently owned by Novamex, which is a large company situated in Guadalajara, Jalisco and who also own other popular food and soft drink brands. This beloved soft drink is available in every Hispanic supermarket in the U. Social Networks: twitter.

Home Mexican Brands at MexGrocer. Authentic Mexican Soda Pack Assorted. Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink Pack of 6. Jarritos Jamaica Soda Hibiscus Pack of 6. Jarritos Grapefruit Soda Pack of 6. Jarritos Pineapple Soda Pack of 6.

Jarritos Tamarind Tamarindo Flavored Mexican Soft Drink Reaction - Jarritos Soda Review

Jarritos Lime Soda Pack of 6. Jarritos Mandarina Soft Drink Pack of 6. Jarritos Mango Soda Pop Pack of 6 Jarritos Tamarindo Soft Drink. Jarritos Mandarina Soft Drink. Jarritos Lime Soft Drink 1. Jarritos Grapefruit Soda. Jarritos Mexican Cola Pack of 6. Jarritos Mandarin Light Pack of 6 Jarritos Tamarind Light Pack of 6 Mineragua - Jarritos Mineral Water Pack of 6. Jarritos Mexican Soda Pops Jarritos started in Mexico init is the first national soft drink brand in Mexico and the leading brand in the mexican soft drink category in the U.

Tweets by JarritosNation.Back in the olden daysJay Leno assured us that when it comes to Doritoswe could "crunch" all we wanted because they would make more. And boy, was he right. While some feel that you can never have too much of a good thing, and Doritos are definitely a good thing, not all flavors bearing the trusted logo can be trusted to deliver. In turn, hiding within the confines of the classic flavors is not only personally limiting, but can seriously affect your review as a Super Bowl party host.

But how will you ever have the time to sample all the Dorito flavors in your lifetime? Fret no longer, beloved chip enthusiast, as we have compiled a list of everything you need to put the hip back in chip. As a dip, salsa verde is a nice alternative to the typical red tomato-based salsaoffering a lighter and more earthy taste. As a chip, however, this flavor is no bueno.

In theory, Doritos' Salsa Verde should work. The only thing missing is the actual texture of salsa — cold, wet, and lumpy with ingredients — and perhaps that is where the problem lies. Because biting into a Salsa Verde Dorito is a confusing and disappointing experience. For a hot second, it seems like it might be Cool Ranch, but then the pepper and cilantro hit and boom, you've got a mouth full of spicy dirt.

What is possibly the most interesting thing about Doritos' Salsa Verde is that while the essence of cilantro seems to be the chip's downfall, there's no mention of cilantro in any form in its ingredients. This is one of those things that you go hmmm. Some like it hot, and if you are one of them then Doritos' Flamin' Hot Nacho flavor, which hit shelves inmay have seemed like a dream come true.

Combining the beloved and classic taste of Nacho Cheese with the "Flamin" of Flamin' Hot Cheetos fame is sure to be a killer, right? Unfortunately, this attempt to rein in the spicy snack food lover fails on several fronts.

Despite the promise its name makes, this chip is not that hot, let alone flamin'. It essentially tastes like the regular Nacho Cheese with a kick at the end. If something is going to market itself as flamin', then we expect to need at least a tissue to get through the bag. That being said, foragers of the Doritos' Flamin' Hot Nacho should be prepared with a boat load of napkins to wipe down their mouth and fingers, which will be instantly and thoroughly stained by an aggressive dose of Red 40 food coloring.

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